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All our specialists are strongly committed to the patient centered care model. We provide specialist services including dental and ENT on site. 

"The nature of sleep and the disorders that affect it are not well understood by our community. A large part of our lives is spent asleep. Until recent years, the importance of good sleep to our health and well-being has been underestimated.

Problems with sleep are very common. They may occur because of poor sleep habits and insufficient time in bed, or as the result of a specific sleep disorder such as snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea or insomnia. Addressing all of these issues is the key to improving the health, safety, productivity and quality of life of affected people."


 - The Sleep Health Foundation (sleephealthfoundation.org.au)

Welcome to the Epworth Sleep Centre website!
The Epworth Sleep Centre is a private practice independent from the Epworth Healthcare network.
The Epworth Sleep Centre specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.
All our sleep specialists are strongly committed to the patient centered care model to manage across the range of sleep disorders.
Unlike most other sleep services, we also provide additional specialist services, who include:
  • Dental and ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeon, who can offer opinions on site for snoring and sleep apnoea solutions.
  • Two paediatric sleep physicians, allowing us to provide care across the lifespan.
  • Our experienced sleep psychologist, who is available for individuals with challenging insomnia and circadian (body clock) disorders.
Our Community Services
VCE Psychology

VCE Psychology

Sleep Education Program

Junior Sleep Program

Junior Sleep Program

Designed for Years 7-9

Sleep for Optimal Performance

Sleep for Optimal Performance

Designed for all students who need to get the most out of their study.

Sleep Seminar for Business

Sleep Seminar for Business

How Sleep promotes optimal work performance and quality of life.

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