Sleep for Optimal Performance


Sleep for Optimal Performance

Supplement Talk
If you book into our "Sleep for Optimal Performance" Session, we will also offer to come out to your school to give a brief 15-20 minute talk to parents and teachers.
Topics include:
  • How much sleep does an adolescent need
  • Circadian phases
  • Practical tips for ensuring the best night's sleep for your teenager

This program aims to educate students on how to optimize their learning ability through good quality sleep, specifically tailored for the studying teenager!


Key Topics Covered


• How normal, teenage sleep differs from adults


• The different aspects of sleep which affect our memory,

thinking, comprehension and recall


• Constructive tips for optimizing sleep for best study


• Consequences of sleep deprivation


The program will be delivered by an experienced sleep technician with a

PowerPoint presentation and runs for approximately one hour.

The Epworth Sleep Centre considers this program to be a Community

Education Service and is therefore subsidised to ensure equitability

and access for all Melbourne schools and students.






We can accommodate up to 25 students at one time due to venue size restrictions.

For larger classes we can either run consecutive or concurrent sessions depending on Staff and Venue availability.

First in best dressed.




We can run an Optimal Sleep for Study presentation in a seminar format for any amount of students the school can accommodate.


This is not an interactive session.

Duration is 45 minutes



Sleep for Optimal Performance

45 minutes long with question and answer time


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