Sleep Presentation for Business


The Real Importance of Sleep

Without question, sleep deprivation is considered to be a negative consequence of our current 24/7 workplace and lifestyle. Work days are increasing as our workplaces become evermore interconnected with international timezones and increased productivity requirements.


Our presentation, The Real Importance of Sleep, is designed to educate employees, at any level, as to what the brain "does" while we are asleep, how this affects our performance, cognition and memories and what we need to do to get the most effective sleep in the time we have.


Topics of discussion are:


  • Circadian Rhythms and how to mitigate the effects of jet lag

  • The different stages of sleep

  • Cognition and factual recall

  • Memory consolidation

  • How to use sleep to reduce the effects of Stress

  • Tips in order to get optimal sleep to maximize quality of life


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