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Do you think you need a Sleep Study?

If you wish to have a sleep study there are a couple of thing you will need to do:


  1. Get a referral to one of our Sleep Physicians from your GP

  2. Contact our consulting rooms in order to make an appointment with a Sleep Physician on 9417 5113 or


Depending on the discussion you have with your Sleep Physician, you may need to have a sleep study. A sleep study will measure sleep, breathing, limb movements which is essential to the diagnosis of a range of sleep disorders.

Portable Sleep Studies

We are able to provide a portable sleep study service for those patients who would prefer to have their sleep study done in the privacy of their own home and if it is deemed by your referring doctor or the sleep specialist that there is a high probability of obstructive sleep apnoea.


All the sleep study equipment is placed on the patient at the sleep laboratory by our highly experienced scientific staff. The patient will be able to go home, with the help of a friend of family member driving them, and are asked to drop the equipment back to the front reception of the Epworth Freemasons Hospital the next day.

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Sleep Psychology

Sleep Studies at the Laboratory

Patients arrive for the sleep study at 7.00pm.

You have a private room to yourself with bathroom/toilet access and a television.

The beds are large, mechanized hospital beds which are quite comfortable. You are welcome to bring your own pillow if you prefer.


A lot of wires are applied to the scalp, chest and legs. Sleep, breathing, heart rate and body position are recorded over night commencing from your natural lights out time. This will provide a comprehensive overview of your sleep patterns which will be incorporated into a report for your specialist to go through with you.


Most people perceive that they do not sleep exactly as they would at home. However, most people sleep enough for us to obtain enough information for a diagnosis. People are often surprised as to how much more sleep was measured compared to their perception.


The setup process for your sleep study will commence just after 7:00pm. You will not be expected to sleep before your usual bed time but the early setup is necessary to ensure all patients are ready by the appropriate time. You can read, use a laptop/mobile phone or watch TV during this process.

A light snack is available in the evening. The test finishes at 6.00am and you are free to have a shower and leave after that. Breakfast is provided from a selection from the Freemasons Café.


Sleep Unit

Epworth Freemasons Hospital

113 Albert Street, East Melbourne 3002


Admission Time

Please arrive at 7.00pm at Sleep Unit.

Admission fees are payable via credit card/debit card over the phone or upon arrival. You will receive a call from hospital admission staff a couple of days before you arrive. Amex/Diners not accepted.


Discharge Time 

The sleep study will be completed by 6.00am and the laboratory is to be vacated by 7:00am.


Sensor Attachment

Please be clean shaven upon arrival, although consideration is given for permanent beards.  Please remove all makeup and nail polish. You may need to wash your hair the next morning as a small amount of paste will be applied to your head. Showers and shampoo/conditioner are provided.


What to bring

Please bring your overnight clothing and toiletries, plus any medication you would normally take.  You may also bring your own pillow and reading material if you wish.



Please eat dinner before you arrive, however there is a light supper provided. You are welcome to consume 1—2 alcoholic drinks prior to admission if that is your usual practice, unless directed by your physician to do otherwise.  Breakfast is provided from a selection from the Freemasons Café.

If you have any special dietary requirements, please advise us prior to your admission.


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