For this step, it is important to have a partner to help hold all the respective parts.

Take the SomnoHD unit and attached headbox and slide the (larger) waist band connection clip into the slot on the front right of the SomnoHD. 


Now hold the SomnoHD in the centre of the abdomen (just below the belly button) and wrap the waist band around the torso. Then slide the (smaller) waist band connection clip into the other slot on the SomnoHD, adjusting the strap as necessary (like the chest band, it should be snug but not uncomfortable). Don't be discouraged if there are a few false starts before getting the band sizing right during this step. 


Care will need to be taken that the attached headbox doesn’t fall or dangle while setting the device in place, as this will put strain on the connection. It is for this reason that we suggest two pairs of hands.

2nd HD abdo in.jpg

Once the SomnoHD is securely fastened, clip the headbox to the blue strap running over the shoulder. The other velcro end of the blue strap can now be folded over the lower band along the back and attached back onto itself.

HD front on.jpg
Shoulder strap back.jpg

Finally, take the blue cable from the chest band buckle and insert into any of the ports running along the top of the Somno HD unit.

HD ports.jpg