Now you are ready to slide in your nasal cannula. A little heads up: this one can be a little uncomfortable at first, but this will pass after a few minutes and you will forget it's even there.

So, take the cannula out of its packaging and slip the prongs inside your nostrils with the curvature of the prongs facing down towards the back of your head.

Track the tubing along your cheeks and loop it behind each ear (being careful not to dislodge the electrodes behind your ears).

Take the slide at the join of the tubing and adjust it up to where the bottom of your chin meets your neck (similar to a hat strap)

The end of the cannula inserts and twists clockwise into place in the circular port at the top of the SomnoHD.

Since your airflow during the night is one of the most important measurements of the study, you will need to take some tape and secure the tubing down on your cheeks to help make sure it doesn't come out during the study.

If this signal is lost through the night, your physician may wish to repeat the study.