Happily for you, the most complicated steps are out of the way. Now all that’s left to do is to attach the electrodes and sensors!

We suggest starting low and working your way up – like you did with the alcohol wipes and abrasive gel.

So, take one of the leg leads (they are labelled ‘L’ and ‘R’ for right and left) and plug the black connector into any of the ports along the top of the Somno HD.

Now run the electrode down the inside of the respective left or right pyjama leg (or whatever attire you are wearing to bed) until it is at the level of the abraded skin site. If any of the NuPrep gel remains at the site, wipe it off and ensure the site is dry before applying the electrodes.


Peel off the paper back of the electrodes revealing the adhesive underside. Stick the electrodes down on the site.


Further secure the electrode to the skin with the tape provided. Be as liberal as you wish – the more we reduce the chance of the electrodes coming off the better – but be careful not to allow any of the adhesive side of the tape to show: this way it can get caught on your bedclothes and pulled off (and the electrodes along with it) as you move during the night.

Repeat with the other leg.