VCE Psychology Sleep Program


VCE Sleep Education Session

Our Aim
To provide a not-for-profit, community service where we can educate every school, private or public, in the area of sleep science.

We offer a comprehensive, 1.5 hour sleep education session for any school who are looking to give their students the edge on Sleep Science. 


The program is checked against the current VCE curricula each year to ensure your students are getting the most from their experience with us. 


We run Incursions to your school based on your needs and we will work hard to accommodate your school period times as we know school time is of the utmost importance.


Topics Include:


  • The purpose of sleep

  • Normal sleep patterns

  • Identification of sleep stages and how these are interpreted using EEG, EOG and EMG

  • The effects of sleep deprivation and recovery sleep

  • Adolescent sleep patterns.


Activities include:


  • A student is wired up and we look at their brain waves (EEG), eye movements (EOG), heart (ECG) and muscle tone (EMG) in real time.



For the Junior program

We also present our Epworth VCE Sleep Program
in  conjunction with KIOSC
The Knox Innovation, Opportunity and Sustainability Centre (KIOSC) aims to inspire and empower today’s students to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours which will equip them for their future careers.

All Day Science Program


If you would like to run an Epworth VCE Sleep Program as a stand alone session or in conjunction with another activity run by KIOSC, please contact the KIOSC centre by clicking the banner below.





Our service will travel to your school. We bring out a portable sleep diagnostics device so students can still get "wired up" in order to look at live EEG.


We generally find our incursions run best when there are a maximum of 50 students in the class.

To accommodate for more students we can run consecutive sessions at the school on the same day.

We will try to avoid return visits to schools


No tentative bookings, so please book your session/s well in advance!


Contact Julie Howes on 0400 122 343 or email julie.howes@epworth.org.au


Session Costs

VCE Sleep Incursions

Our educator conduct the session at your school


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Junior Science Program (Year 6-10)



This program can be tailored to suit your student's interest, ability and age, and can include:


  • Sleep disorders

  • Circadian rhythms

  • Sleep stages

  • How we monitor sleep in a sleep laboratory?

  • Normal sleep


Price depends on the length of the program and the number of students