Who we are

The Epworth Sleep Centre

The Epworth Sleep Centre is a multidisciplinary, internationally recognized academic service. We manage the complete range of sleep disorders across the lifespan and we provide the complete range of treatment options. Every member of our medical team has current, substantive public hospital and academic appointments and are involved in training, education and research to advance the field of sleep medicine. We are members of, and have roles within, the Australasian Sleep Association, which is the governing body for maintaining standards within the sleep medical discipline.


Our sleep laboratory is one of the few fully accredited private sleep centers in Victoria and provides both in-laboratory and home diagnostic options which are determined by factors including pretest probabilities and patient preferences.

Telemedicine is now being offered via referral to remote patients anywhere in Victoria.


Referrals can be downloaded here.



Meet The Team

Our Adult Sleep Physicians

Dr. Alan Young




Dr Alan Young is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (2002) and an accredited Sleep Medicine Specialist. He completed his PhD on the study of ventilation in cystic fibrosis in 2008 and is an adjunct senior lecturer at Monash University. He is the Director of Sleep Services at Eastern Health and Chair of the Education Committee and GP Education Subcommittee of the Australasian Sleep Association.

A/Prof. Garun Hamilton




A/Prof. Garun Hamilton is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (2002) and completed a PhD on the cardiovascular consequences of obstructive sleep apnoea at Monash University. He is an accredited Sleep and Respiratory Medicine Specialist, Director of Sleep Medicine Research at Monash Health and is Chair of the Clinical Committee of the Australiasian Sleep Association. 

Prof. Matthew Naughton




Professor Matt Naughton is an adjunct Professor of Medicine at Monash University and is currently the Head of the General Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Service at the Alfred Hospital. He is a sleep and respiratory physician wih a particular interest in sleep disorders associated cardiac disease and also specializes in providing medico legal and second opinions.

A/Prof. Darren Mansfield




A/Prof. Darren Mansfield is the Director of the Epworth Sleep Centre and holds a large clinical, teaching and administrative commitment to the Southern Health network in the fields of Respiratory and General Medicine. After his initial medical training he specialised in Intensive Care Medicine and completed a PhD looking at the interaction of sleep disordered breathing and heart function in patients with congestive heart failure.

Dr. Eli Dabscheck





Dr. Eli Dabscheck is a sleep disorders and respiratory physician with extensive clinical and research experience in all aspects of sleep medicine.  He has a particular interest in the perioperative management of OSA and is involved in research linking depression and OSA.  He completed a Master of Clinical Epidemiology.  He currently holds a clinical appointment at the Alfred Hospital, where he leads the domiciliary ventilation service, and an academic appointment at Monash University

A/Prof. Belinda Miller




A/Prof. Belinda Miller is a graduate of Monash University, member of the Australian Sleep Assoication and European Society and an accredited respiratory and sleep medicine physician. She trained in Melbourne and Edinburgh and then completed her PhD in sleep related respiratory physiology and has ongoing clinical, teaching and research interests in sleep disorders and respiratory medicine.

Dr. Simon Joosten




Dr. Simon Joosten is a Sleep and Respiratory Medicine physician with PhD and a clinical interst in obstructive sleep apnoea and the use of bedside and bronchoscopic ultrasound in respiratory medicine. He is a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Scholar, an adjunct senior lecturer at Monash University and a member of the education committe of the Australian Sleep Association.

Our Sleep Paediatricians

A/Prof. Margot Davey




A/Prof Margot Davey has been working  in paediatric sleep medicine for over 25 years and is Director of the Melbourne Children’s Sleep Centre at Monash Health which is the only accredited, dedicated public paediatric sleep unit in Victoria.  She currently has appointments at St Vincent's Hospital East Melbourne, The Royal Children’s Hospital and at Monash University where she is involved in paediatric sleep research.

Dr. Kate Simpson



MBBS, BSc, FRACP, PhD, Grad Cert Paed Sleep Sc

Dr Kate Simpson is a sleep-trained paediatrician and completed a PhD in 2010. She has worked at The Royal Children's Hospital Sleep Disorders Clinic since 2008 where she has ongoing clinical, teaching and research responsibilities. Kate also has appointments at Melbourne Children's Sleep Centre, Monash Health and at Cabrini Hospital Sleep Laboratory.


Our Adjunct Sleep Services

Mr. Stephen Kleid



ENT Surgeon


Mr Stephen Kleid's Private Practice comprises of Paediatric ENT, Sino-nasal surgery (functional and cosmetic) and Snoring surgery (including laser surgery). While Mr Kleid also dedicates 25% of his time at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Western Hospital as well as giving lectures to medical students and Surgical trainees.

Dr. Frank Cahill



Sleep Psychologist

BA, Grad Dip Applied Psych, Dpsych, MAPS

Dr Frank Cahill is a registered, clinical and councelling psychologist who specialises in insomnia. He is a member of the Autralian Psychological Society, the colleges of clinical and counselling psychologists and the Australian Sleep Association. Frank has had over 17 years experience helping people overcome insomnia, parasomnias, anxiety, panic disorders, depression, phobias, PTSD, OCD and relationship issues.

Dr. Michael Stubbs



Dental Specialist &

Oral Surgeon



Dr Michael Stubbs is an Oral Medicine specialist with interests in oral mucosal disease; oro-facial pain and temporomandibular disorders; dental sleep medicine which includes the use of mandibular advancement splints for the treatment of sleep disordered breathing and snoring.


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